Reflections and Testimonies from JFA Volunteers

Pastor Allan Taylor, Father Brendan, and Benedictine College Students share about their experiences with JFA.

Amanda Coles shares about what happened during her outreach experience with JFA...and what happened next.

More Testimonies and Reflections

  • See the "Healing After Abortion" page for testimonies from five JFA Volunteers with abortion in their pasts.
  • Spencer (Teacher, Veritas Christian School, and JFA Volunteer) and his students from Veritas Christian School
  • Laura  (JFA Volunteer since 2008)
  • Kinsey  (JFA Volunteer since 2011)
  • Andrea  (JFA Volunteer since 2006)
  • Lauren  (JFA Volunteer since 2005)
  • Paul  (Pastor, Fairview Baptist Church, and JFA Volunteer)
  • Robb  (Focus on the Family Institute, 2007)
  • Amy  (Woman to Woman Pregnancy Center, Texas)
  • Sarah  (Christian Campus House, University of Missouri at Columbia and JFA Volunteer at Mizzou in 2003)
  • Tony  (JFA Intern, 2009)
  • Thomas  (JFA Volunteer at KU in 2009)
  • Anna  (Benedictine College, 2008)
  • Jan (2008)
  • Emily  (Dayspring High School Student, 2011)
  • Amy  (Focus on the Family Institute, 2004)

In a Few Words (Twitter)

In a Few Words (More)


It made me look at abortion in a whole new way.  - Ty, High School Student, Oklahoma (Seminar Response Card 2010)

I really understand what is happening to these children, and I would really like to help in some way.  - Caleb, Camp Counselor, Oklahoma (Presentation Response Card, 2010)


Before this exhibit (when I saw it last year) I believed abortion was wrong for me personally, but [that] I can't tell others what to do.  This exhibit changed my mind!  I think all people should see the horrific reality of abortion.  It's not just an option to solve a "problem" is taking a human life.  - Brenda (Brochure Response Card, 2010)


Brought me closer to my faith.  I had goosebumps throughout the whole presentation.  Thank you for making me realize the facts about abortion.  - Nebraska Catholic High School Junior (Presentation Response Card, 2010)

It wasn't as hard as I thought to get yelled and cussed at.  JFA teaches you a gentle strength. - Charity Boaz, JFA Volunteer (Outreach Reflection, 2010)

I've heard this before, but I learned more this time.  I was on the fence about abortion but now I understand both sides more which was helpful in being more pro-life.  - Catholic High School Sophomore (Seminar Response Card, 2010)


Talking to the people really gave me a chance to learn more about other people's opinions and the training really helped when talking to my friend.  For example, I could get the point across to her without sounding defensive and just have a normal conversation about it.  The points made in the seminar also helped with my reasoning to be pro-life because before this experience I really had no information to back-up how I feel, it was just purely how I felt.  Now however I have more knowledge about it and it makes my decision to be pro-life understandable.  - Kelly, Nebraska Catholic High School Student (Outreach Debrief Response Card, 2010)


I believe that the thing that truly won me over to wanting to further volunteer for JFA was when a young man was looking at the event and looked a little disturbed. I chose to walk up to him and talk with him and honestly his stance was very thought out. The most surprising thing is when he said “I have been pro-choice my entire life but I have never seen a human face put on abortion”.  He had always been told what abortion was, he explained, throughout his education and he thought it should be the woman’s choice…he had never even stopped to think about what the actual act of abortion did to the unborn child and had never, until that point, thought about the actual value of life.  He also told me, and I firmly believe that he meant it, that this had truly changed his stance from pro-choice to pro-life.  - James Konderla, UNT Student and JFA Volunteer (Outreach Reflection, 2010)


I realized I didn't need all the answers; and if I help someone just get one step closer to being pro-life that was better than saying nothing. - Charity Boaz, JFA Volunteer (See "Charity on the Metro" for more.)


Initially, I wasn't sure what this training was going to look like or how it was going to be helpful for my life because I'm not the kind of person that just starts talking about abortion with someone. But as the training went on, I began to find it extremely fun and exciting, and ever since then I have found the training to be amazingly helpful even in day-to-day conversations! Just to have that foundation of trying to find common ground with others to begin with and not flat out, disregard what they say, but listen and take what they say into account. I would recommend this training to all of my friends and family members. It has been so helpful to know how to have conversations with people in a way that is God-honoring!  - Rachel Carnehl (Seminar Participant, Ellerslie, 2014)


It kind of surprised me how much easier it was than I thought it would be to actually talk to someone about [abortion], because I've never really had this kind of training before... The training was really unique. Most trainings you go to you just listen to talks but they never let you apply it. So I thought it was cool yesterday how we got to practice so it wasn't near as hard when we got out here... Once you get going it's a lot easier than you would think to get in a rhythm and just talk to people.  Jacob, Benedictine College Student (See Jacob's Video Interview)


…these boys want so much to find something they can be passionate about.  Something they can give their lives to that's real, and true.  Church isn't interesting to them, youth group bores them, they don't like Christian music.  But working the Exhibit is real Christianity to them..
A Mom’s Reflection (Read the Whole Reflection)