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"JFA does a magnificent job forming students to be winsome and persuasive when engaging the culture on abortion.  I deeply appreciate how they communicate truth with grace and I heartily recommend them."

-Stephanie Gray, Love Unleashes Life, 2015


"JFA's training and outreach helped make me the pro-life advocate I am today. I wholeheartedly recommend anyone interested in learning how to defend the unborn check out their program."

-Trent Horn, Catholic Answers, 2015

Note: Trent was an intern with Justice For All from 2009 to 2010.


"It is just a clump of cells.  It is not a baby.  My body, my right!  Have you ever wanted to know how to respond in a loving, Biblical way to these questions?  Have you ever wanted to train your group, youth, college students, or church?  Let me suggest you contact Justice for All (JFA).  This group has been training hundreds of people for years in the tactics of speaking the truth in love about the issue of abortion.  I know of no other group that does such an outstanding job of training and then guiding teams of people through the actual process of dialogue.  If you have one day and JFA training [team] comes close to you, don’t miss the opportunity.  Our church and specifically college students have been equipped to now be on campus and have meaningful, life changing conversations.  

-Chris Haynes, College Pastor, 2015

Note: Chris is the college pastor at Trinity Baptist Church in Norman, OK.  You can read Chris's 2008 letter regarding Justice For All here.

"JFA is the most effective pro-life training organization I have ever worked with in my thirty years of pro-life work."

-Father Brendan Rolling, Benedictine College, 2011

Read Father Brendan Rolling's letter about JFA.


"I really do feel like I got to do what Jesus would have done."

- Allan Taylor (Associate Pastor, First Baptist Church Woodstock), 2010

 See a video of Allan Taylor's reflection.


“I have met with Justice For All and give my support to their mission in changing minds and hearts of the young on the most critical issue facing our society today...The medical and emotional consequences of abortion are shown in a loving and non-condemning manner...”  

- Archbishop Chaput (Denver Archdiocese), 2008  

Read Archbishop Chaput’s Letter


“I have watched students feel the tug of the Holy Spirit as they minister to someone who is obviously hurting from their own wounds of abortion. They love in word, action, and tone of voice.  As long as God makes this relationship available we will continue to support and partner with JFA - watching God’s hand work in the lives of young people.”  

-  Chris Leland (Director, Focus on the Family Institute), 2008

Read Chris Leland’s Letter


PREGNANCY Clinics and Pregnancy Resource CENTERS

Linda Stewart, Crossroads Clinic, Guthrie, Oklahoma (2007) -- click here for clinic website

Terri Baxter, Riverside Pregnancy Center, Denver, Colorado (2004)

Jim Coles, Choices Pregnancy Center, San Luis Obispo, California (2006)

Sharon Hindman, Alpha Pregnancy Resource Center, Fort Collins, Colorado (2003)



Father Frank Pavone, Priests for Life (2003)

Chris Haynes, College Minister, Trinity Baptist Church, Norman, Oklahoma (2008) 

Note: See also Chris's more recent quote above.

Aaron Porter, First Baptist Church, San Luis Obispo, California

Father Brendan Rolling, Benedictine College (2011)

Bishop Thomas Olmsted, Roman Catholic Diocese of Phoenix (2006)



Spencer Stewart, Veritas Christian School, Lawrence, Kansas (along with JFA reflections from Veritas Christian School students)

Partner Organizations

Alan Sears, Alliance Defending Freedom (2003, under the name Alliance Defense Fund)