Note: This page describes "What We Do." For the "Why" behind it all, see "Our Passion."

JFA has something for everyone.

We're passionate about creating conversations and training pro-life advocates to create conversations.  What kind of conversation?  One marked by humility and the Three Essential Skills - that's a conversation that changes hearts and minds.

JFA truly has something for everyone.  If you have two days or more to set aside, and you want to dive deep into learning to dialogue, look at our Flagship Training Program, Abortion: From Debate to Dialogue.  Click below to learn more.

If you have just an hour or two, attend a JFA presentation or invite a JFA speaker.  Click below to learn more. 

If you are a busy parent or professional, or if you just feel that four 15-minute at-your-own-pace exercises are what fits your schedule, we built the "Learn at Home" program for you.  Click below to learn more. 

In working out our passion for conversations, we also specialize in large-scale campus exhibit outreach events.  If you are a student at a university and you're wanting to create a debate and a dialogue in which thousands are discussing abortion on your campus, we can help.  Click below to learn more.