If you or someone you know is considering abortion or has had an abortion in the past, here are resources that may help.  Or, call the JFA office (316-683-6426) and ask to speak with one of our trainers who can help you find resources in your area.

Testimonies of Healing After Abortion

JFA Staff and Volunteers share stories of conversations with men and women who have had experiences with abortion.

  • "Jamie" - After Jamie looked at an abortion photo and told CK Wisner that the photo "condemns [me] to hell," she found hope and healing through her conversation with CK.  In this letter, CK shared many word-for-word excerpts from the conversation that took place in fall 2015.
  • Christina - Read this story to see why Christina, with three abortions in her past, told staff member Tammy Cook just two days after seeing abortion images on the Justice For All Exhibit, “Thank you so much, Tammy. I feel like you’ve given me my life back."

JFA Volunteers with abortion in their pasts answer the question, "What did your experience with JFA mean to you?"

  • Angela: "The Power of One" (Regular JFA Volunteer, writing in 2013)
  • Anne  (Regular JFA Volunteer, writing in 2013)
  • Judy  (Regular JFA Volunteer since 2011) 
  • Lori  (Regular JFA Volunteer since 2011; JFA Mentor since 2012)
  • Brenda  (Regular JFA Volunteer since 2011)

"Dear Rilegh" - A forlorn young father left this letter and rose on the JFA Poll Table at Colorado State University in 2004.

Testimonies of the Effects of Abortion